Sailors only dating

10-Aug-2015 11:46

Dating a sailor in the navy today is very different - marines are strong, healthy and well fed.Navy dating can be beautiful, but you have to know, like any sailor, marines are often away from home for long stretches of time.So don’t be alarmed if they are passionate when you first start dating them! Instead of only looking at marine dating prospects when you are away you can connect with likeminded singles at home.It’s also been proven that there are other perks of being away from someone you are dating from time to time. Uniform Dating was created for people who understand the demands of working in a profession that requires a uniform.When away from each other you are forced to talk, as it’s all you can do. Dating a marine can be trying for those who don’t understand the demands of the work.

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It makes it a lot easier to find the right kind of dates. There are several pros and cons of being a marine couple that you should know about.

Dating someone in the navy might not be for everyone, but as you know there are plenty of pros to dating a marine - you are fit, know how to stay calm in an emergency, you are trained to protect people and you really give it your all to your loved ones when at home. Being separated for long periods of time really sucks.