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01-May-2015 03:08

The reason why they did not invite their showbiz friends is because they wanted to keep their families away from the media. That would be nice because Gallen Lo for sure won't let Roger off that easy.

Although they never informed their friends from the entertainment industry, they still managed to have 10 tables at the reception. I wonder if they are going to invite all of them to an after wedding party?

Come on party-goers, give some fan service T_T HAHA!

*based on the blogger’s account, Jerry said that he attended the party just to greet Ruby a happy birthday and he was drunk too (our man loves drinking haha!

When their friends found out that they had gotten married, they were a little disappointed, but they offered their blessings and would like to be treated for supper.

And nope it’s not who you think, but it’s none other than this certain Weibo blogger who was able to attend top Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin’s 40th birthday celebration. All of my photos in this post came from her (so all the credits to her! Before we start with this fangirling galore, let’s greet Ruby Lin and pause for awhile to think how could she look so youthful at 40?! ❤ it’s completely wrong not to see this lady beside Ruby because these two have been inseparable as seen below thanks to the Best Drama of the 2015 Golden Bell Awards, “The Way We Were” , where she won Best Supporting Actress thanks to Ruby’s good producing/casting skills😀 She also got a photo with Melvin Sia, another “The Way We Were” cast member❤ and you know what’s better than an individual photo? I will be immature and quickly assume that at least one of the main cast members isn’t on good terms with Leroy Young because he actually never appeared in any of their mini-TWWW reunions @[email protected] he’s isolating himself from the group just like how it was in the drama… I find it touching as Jiro’s literally everywhere around the world but he still found time for this celebration.

Ruby’s male lead in the 2012 C-drama attended her party!

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Cindy and Roger will be going to Korea for their honeymoon because that was where they both met. 3.) Which most likely means that Ruby is really indeed Jerry’s (hihi I’m so delusional, right…).But really, for you to fly just in time for the celebration, that must really mean something❤ 4.) There must be a photo of them out there somewhere!!However, I guess they’re close enough that he was also seen in this party! If you want a refresher, you can read it in my previous post here.

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2.) Jerry was spotted in Tokyo the day before Ruby’s birthday and so I wasn’t really expecting him to come and much more have a photo taken (he’s one of the most low-profile actors I’ve ever “known” lol).) [UPDATES] Another low profile actor and good friend/male lead of Ruby in “The Glamorous Imperial Concubine” flew from work in Mainland to Taiwan just to attend this celebration.

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