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"A member had contacted us to state that he had found evidence of the club playing in 1866, through to 1869. This is sadly the last phograph of Bobby Hibbot of Newtown, who scored the only goal of the game - his last ever.

Further investigations were made, and it was found that the club had held its first annual meeting on 26th September 1865 in the Turf.

Grateful thanks to Mrs May Harding, his daughter Nicky and the family for permitting their use. Owners of the copyright of photos are being sought for their permission. Thus it came as no surprise to many who know the real position that the committee intimated that the club would not run a team this season, but would concentrate their efforts on reducing the debt of the club still further.

My thanks to the many people who have assisted with supplying names and other information relating to Newtown F. Ken Davies "In the Welsh 'Soccer' scene, the earliest Clubs to emerge were exclusively in the North of Wales where the gentlemen farmers and University graduates had the leisure time to take up the sport. He lived in Aberhafesp during his youth and played football, cricket and golf for Newtown. Oswald Hannan 4th and Richie Jones 9th in the back row. The committee are not altogether blameless for the present state of affairs, but they do deserve praise for the way they have stuck to the task many would have thrown up as hopeless long ago, especially in view of the lack of support from some of the players and from many of the townspeople.

We then looked further back, and found that at the annual dinner of the Denbighshire County Cricket Club, their secretary Edward Manners purchased a football for "the great want of amusement in this town in winter time".

I'm very aware of the excellent Penmon web site and the collection of the late Keith Harding from his days as Chairman of Newtown FC. Teams agreed to postponed the semi final played a friendly instead. The Montgomeryshire Express wrote; After settling down, Llanfyllin became the aggressors, but found Challinor in fine form. What is needed is for the players and committee to pull together and to show a different spirit to what some of them have shown in the past. Glynn Lumsden, Brian Jones, Reg O'Connor, George Davies, Cyril Whitticase, Billy Morris Ritchie Jones (Trainer)Billy Williams, Ken Lewis, Bobby Hibbott, John Richards, Billy Purnell, David Jones (Diso)In the late 1940's, the Officers and General Committee of Newtown F. took the decision to purchase and construct a new playing headquarters at a site to be called Latham Park.

The Wrexham Club have the reputation of being the first organised Club to emerge in the Principality in 1873. Morris (formerly Newtown), Gordon Liverpool was an unique sportsman. But enough of the past; it is to the future we look, and there is a glimmer of hope that as well as the club there will yet be a team in Newtown this season. There is however considerable evidence that the Druids, who played at Plas Madoc Park, Ruabon, were formed earlier. He Captained Manchester City, won a cap for England v Wales in 1922, won a tennis doubles Gold Medal in the 1920 Olympics and at Wimbledon, scored 144 against M. "Whether there will be a team in Newtown this season depends upon what happens to the Central Wales League and upon what other clubs do," an official of the club told an "Express" reporter on Monday. If the present committee of the club will not run a team, there is no reason why there should not be a team in the town. This page is in memory of Keith Harding, Chairman of Newtown Football Club. Scarcity of matches also led to the decline in interest among fans and players. Photos relate to the club and are selected from a wide variety of photos in his collection. Under the circumstances, what can one expect the committee of the club already faced with the task of reducing a considerable debt to do?

Members of Wrexham Supporters Trust voted last week on the facts put before them as recognising that Wrexham Football Club were actually formed in 1864, and to change year on the club badge accordingly. But for him, the loss would certainly have been heavier. In 1907, a friendly encounter was contested by Newtown North End and the White Stars. Of last season's players Roy Leach has left club to become Taxation Officer at Ludlow and Albert Boden has rejoined the Army. Brian went through both his scrapbooks containing nostalgic press cuttings and photos, described many of the action shots in over 50 photographs, and reminisced many a match from the programmes he has also kept. Supporters Trust Chairman Peter Jones said: "The information came to light following the local newspaper of its time, the 'Wrexham Advertiser' being put on line, and thus allowing 'one word' searches, thus eliminating the needle in the haystack process of looking through the newspaper's microfilm reels at the local studies centre. The Stars were a much lighter XI than their opponents but gave almost as good an exhibition. Two penalty kicks were awarded to the White Stars, but they were unfruitful. But there are plenty of other players available including: Goalkeepers; Bert Hedges, Bob Lewis Full backs; Tom Jones, J. Abermule Wanderers, Winners of the Welshpool Knockout Competition, beating The Eagles 1v0. Newtown Youth c 1950 Montgomeryshire Youth League - Championship Shield - undefeated.