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There are many cases where self-installation of a satellite dish or satellite system is better, easier and cheaper than calling a professional installer.

You could be doing a self-installation of a satellite dish for FTA satellites or pay-tv subscription TV satellites from scratch, or you may need to re-align your dish because heavy winds on a stormy day blew off your dish causing a misalignment.

Just point your dish along the marker line shown on the map, adjust the elevation and LNB skew and off you go to enjoy trouble-free digital TV.

It’s like a satellite finder or satellite meter – only better as you know from the start where to aim the satellite dish to get the best satellite TV reception.

The elevation is the vertical lift, and the LNB skew is the polarization of the signal, or in other words by how much you have to rotate the LNB.

If you have a multi-lnb dish, you tilt the whole dish rather than tilting the LNB.

Perhaps you’re touring the country with your caravan and need point your dish at every new camp site, or you want to install a motorized dish to get the full range of available TV, radio, FTA (free-to-air), HD (High Definition), and data channels.

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There are even features for doing a self-installation of a multi-lnb dish (such as the 5LNB Direct TV, Dish Network 1000+ dishes or Wavefrontier Toroidal T90 dishes), or a motorized system (with or without USALS).An obstacle calculator also indicates whether there may be any Line of Sight issues (LOS, and yes, it’s Line of Sight and not Line of Site) due to adjacent trees or buildings.These are all specific to your location and the chosen satellite.The azimuth tells you the direction in which to point the antenna.

Additional features are the charts of available satellites and TV channels, a dish size calculator and footprint maps.

When aligning a dish, you need to know the look angles such as the azimuth, elevation and LNB skew.

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