Scruffy guys dating

07-Aug-2016 12:53

But I do think that, for the most part, they’ve all been at least as attractive as I am, if not more so.Some have had physical flaws, sure, but I could stare at each of them for hours. He had decent style, but a beard that was far too long and horribly uneven in parts. I started to feel paranoid that, just as I’d judged that couple eating French fries, everyone in the restaurant was questioning why I was out on a date with this guy.For each, there is something I loved about their appearance—the flints of turquoise in their blue eyes, a bicep that dented the fabric around it, the gently curved planes of their face, or a dimple so deep it look cut by an exacto knife. After a dry spell and a few genuinely horrible internet dates, I didn’t feel all that hopeful as I walked to meet him at a nice restaurant in downtown Manhattan. His eyes were a touch beady, and I found myself focusing on his crooked front teeth. But as Scruffy Beard ordered a bottle of wine and we started talking, something kind of amazing happened. There was no awkward groping for information—no stilted get-to-know-you-questions like “What do you do? ” All that information came out in a natural flow as we chatted about specifics of our lives rather than our biographies.And I’m worried that I, Dater X, am so focused on appearance that I might pass by a not-so-hot guy who could be my green zebra. I’d liked our email banter, and truly appreciated that he was taking me to an establishment where tater tots didn’t come free with a beer. I was interested in what he had to say and felt that returned. Outside on the street, I could tell he needed a signal that he could make a move. And finally he went in for the kiss—soft and slow, just the way I like it.But one question had lingered in my mind since seeing his profile: Could I be attracted to him? The questions he asked were far more insightful and dug a little deeper than most guys I first meet, and he was willing to go there when I returned in kind. We stayed there for what must have been 10 minutes, each kiss getting breathier and more intense.

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hat I’m about to say isn’t going to make you love me.

It isn’t PC, and it certainly wouldn’t get high marks from the judges in a beauty pageant question and answer round. For all of my life, until just a few years ago, I was overweight.