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28-Dec-2015 18:01

When the going gets tough, it reminds me of something positive and helps with trudging forward through my reading. This is maybe the most important component of any long distance relationship – if you do not trust one another, there is no way you’ll last. (Just kidding – but really, I like the reassurance that he’s really at the library when he doesn’t pick up the phone.) Regular visits.Do you crave to hear about his/her entire day – including the exact time they woke up in the morning and what they are having for lunch?

Surely, you realize that a “yes” to any of these questions is a good indication that it makes more sense to try to make your relationship work rather than give it all up without a fight. It’s difficult, painful and absolutely frustrating, but it’s also rewarding and a pretty good test to whether you two are compatible.Surviving medical school with an intact relationship speaks volumes.By September of last year, I was convinced that our relationship was doomed for failure.Only being able to talk over the phone or see each other through a computer screen wasn’t enough for me.

Waking up in the morning to a cute little text always brightens my day.

Sometimes I’ll get a physical card in the mail and set it on my desk to look at.