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14-Sep-2016 20:12

I got home and took a look at myself in the mirror, and realized she was right.

I might have gained the weight, but I now looked like an average woman instead of a swizzle stick.

I also finally got on the scale, and I weighed 152 pounds. I sadly took my 10s home and made the decision to lose the weight, or some of it anyway.

I wanted to lose 12 pounds and get to 140, and into 8s.

Prior to becoming pregnant with Livvie I was 129 pounds and wore a size 4-6.

As I gained weight I didn't care, because hey, I was pregnant and that's what you do. So I went on meds last April, and it never occurred to me that on these particular ones I would gain weight, but gain I did.

So onto the elliptical machine I went (for 3 days, as I'm sure I mentioned).

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However, I need to admit that I was thrilled with the fact that I only gained 36 pounds. Five weeks after Livvie was born I was back in a size 4-6, and once again weighed 129 pounds. I couldn't believe my good fortune, and I jumped back into my pre-pregnancy clothes with abandon. I felt terrible for everyone who couldn't get their weight back though, and in retrospect I was an ass. Without even noticing very much the weight was creeping on, until one day I couldn't get the 6s over my hips and ass.

I was devastated, and the only pair of jeans that fit were a pair that I hadn't washed and dried yet. It occurred to me that this had all happened after I started the meds.

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