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One of the top & up-to-date websites that contains news, profiles, etc.. A very educational website for me to know info about the women's fighting world in Japan... WOMEN'S BOXING ILLUSTRATION WEBSITES: CHIEchan's women's boxing website The Squared Circle filled with her wonderful illust., comics and art! YU-REIsan's website dedicated to women boxers,schoolgirls,wrestlers, shootfighters etc... Contains his original hand drawn art, his stories,battle section! Her website is somehow her "personal girl's diary" contains her artworks, opinions, etc. (^_^) PIPERchan's personal website "Heaven's Corner." Piper is Noriko's sister in real life.

What makes her wonderful is she used be a amateur boxer! His website contains his original very cool illusrations & rough works. Her website is composed of paper cut dolls for avatar,blog, etc.or customize doll.

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window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal ! A excellent website that houses topless women's boxing. SUE "TL" FOX's website about Women's Boxing - Past & Present. (Membership sign-in to access all files.) BAKEsan's women's boxing & kickboxing website filled with info about schedules,illustrations...etc! Filled with his very original & so cute illustrations! & is also a site dedicated to women's boxing/belly/stomach punching! OTHER WEBSITES: NORIKOchan's personal website Noriko Fantasy. Contains up-to-date news,rankings, profiles of women kickboxers from all over the world. Contains his very original,colorful & cute illustrations! Take your pick among the very beautiful line up of fighters. SUKARUDAsan's website which contains lots of his wonderful illustrations/comics,etc...

PIIKOsan's women's boxing filled with his original & very cute illustrations! Permission MUST be asked first before using her dolls in any way.BEITOsan's women's boxing Beito's Room! Beitosan's up-to-date, comical, & wonderful works make his website one of your favorites indeed! Request of dolls can be granted depending on Piper's time.

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