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15-Feb-2015 15:26

With so many advanced features, a smart home cleverly operates lighting and electrical devices only when you want them to.The garage door will open; hallway and kitchen lights turn on; air conditioning sets to the perfect temperature and your favourite music plays through Multi-Room Audio. Press the “goodbye” scene to turn off everything and activate the security system.Smart home Control adds a “wow factor” without intruding on the aesthetics of your interior décor.Smart home control can provide greater safety and complete peace of mind when integrated with your security system.Whether you’re at work or away on holiday, your smart home can alert you to what’s going on with your security system, while periodically turning lights on and off to give the impression people are home.Not that long ago people just didn’t even consider building Smart Homes or using home automation as the benefits weren’t well communicated by the industry, also the fact that most houses are only renovated once in every 10-15 years has contributed to a slow uptake.This is changing automated smart homes are no longer a solution only for luxury homes.You can turn on your heated towel rails and air conditioning at preset times or have them activated by the outside temperature. At the press of a button your lights will dim, your favourite music will turn on and your air conditioning will set to the perfect temperature.

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Smart home technology also greatly improves the usability and functionality of any home.You can have total control at your fingertips – if it’s powered by electricity, there’s a good chance we can control it!