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15-Dec-2014 00:18

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The girl in question is my new favourite Serb, a 20 year old student and volleyball player that I met in October.

We had two long dates together on my last two days in town and the crucial thing is .

Once it was fairly heavy the video went off – possibly a recurring bandwith problem, perhaps she was shy about me seeing her so turned on. I did the usual “lets imagine a perfect holiday” entrypoint and got her to choose the location (Sicily): Me: So we’ll arrive by boat.A little local ferry, driven by an ancient Sicilian guy with a flat hat and tanned weather-beaten face We’ll have old fashioned suitcases, leather ones with brass buckles and leather straps I’ll be wearing a panama hat and beige suit like this it’s hot🙂 tell me what you’ll wear Her: Me: ok you’ll probably need a hat too so we’ll get a local taxi to drive us up the hillside to our hotel a little old 1970s Fiat with a coughing engine and sticky plastic seats bad air conditioning struggling to get up the hill, and the driver speaking random stuff in Italian saying “mama mia” alot Finally we ‘ll walk through reception.I went for it, obviously, but she was playing a very guarded hand.I know she’s massively into me but something is holding her back. We aren’t far enough along for her to come visit me in London (plus there’s massive friction because of her age and parents), and I’m not going out there to see a girl I haven’t kissed.

I do like this girl so I’m not going to blow it off with a “she wouldn’t kiss, what a time waster” type ego trip.I decided to work a smooth and long escalation by putting alot of time into the atmosphere, pacing and leading her emotions so every little step forwards seems natural,not asking for much input from her.

These people did not become very rich indeed by guessing wrong.… continue reading »

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He is obviously bilingual but his speech sounds like what happens when you put the two dominant tongues together and threw them in a blender. Bluntly the stubborn facts are that America voted itself off the island in 1776 and for a long time was disinterested in following certain trends in Europe: hence, we stil, like stubborn mules, stick to units of measurement that the British used in the 1750s for its navy and don't change to SI units unless we absolutely must lest mayhem result (scientific papers, medicine, international shipping, the army, border areas so we don't cause car crashes.) Canadian raising is a feature found in most of Canada but absent in large pockets of the US.… continue reading »

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