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16-Nov-2015 12:54

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CNN's chatbot responses will be conversational, Samantha Barry, head of social media at CNN, said.

" It will also feature a "stories for you" tab based on what you've clicked on in the past.

Over time, the bot will get to know you better and serve you more personalized stories.

At F8, its annual developers conference, the company announced Bots for Messenger.

Users will be able to get everything from weather updates to shopping notifications to personalized news from a range of companies including CNN -- all through Facebook's messaging app.

Bots for Messenger is launching with a few dozen partners, including HP, shopping app Spring and CNN.

built a tool that lets users print a photo by sending it to the company's printing bot on Messenger.

Once a user sends a photo, the bot responds conversationally (i.e. Users can connect to their personal printers or send photos to locations around the world, HP Innovation Manager David Parry told CNNMoney, adding that bots are still in their early stages.

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Through CNN's bot, users can message topics like "zika virus" or "politics" and CNN will respond with related stories and information on the topic.

There's an "Ask CNN" feature where you can ask questions like, "What's the latest on the 2016 election?

People will now be able to message companies and publishers like they would message their friends.

"A lot of people are thinking about bots in a geeky way -- we'd like to think of bots in a different way," Facebook's VP of messaging products David Marcus told CNNMoney.

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But Marcus paints a picture of a world where your boarding pass is available in one tap on Facebook Messenger.

It's the same place you can book a table at your favorite restaurant, print a photo and find a ride.