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24-Dec-2014 06:09

Premium rate business advices that you can earn up to £19.000 a year to take 15 phone sex calls a day, if they can last around 6 minutes.These are prices that are for the company rather than the individual.These figures show the potential there to be made for phone sex companies who could make vast amounts of money by employing lots of PSO’s.However some people pose a very different idea of how much can be made through being a PSO.This yahoo chat claims “I work as a pso/text sex operator and I make around £100 a week if I’m lucky that’s working about 25 hours a week, you can earn more if you work more hours.” Obviously the validity can be doubted on websites such as these but it is a good way to gather data as people are more willing to give information online anonymously.There are many different ways of turning to phone sex for money based on how far people are willing to go, sex texting can still give the opportunity to earn small amounts of money anonymously with flexible hours.For students that are turning to phone sex, many are attracted by the flexible hours working for easy money?Many companies require you to undergo the application process before explaining how much they will pay you, as explained in this previous post.

Website jezebel explains For the modern day sex worker, phone sex alone often doesn’t pay the bills.It is unlikely that individuals will earn such high amounts as companies only pass along a small percentage of the profit.The standard amount individuals receive is 20% of the cost of the call.This would mean a PSO working on 20% would receive £16.20 for completing 15 calls.

Doing this everyday would be £113.40 a week for around 10 hours work, a very appealing prospect for students.

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