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31-Jan-2015 12:36

The internet fills a need for "more, easier and better." For the cybersex addict, increasing amounts of time are spent "surfing," downloading, creating files, masturbating, reading information posted on sexual bulletin boards, exchanging sexual information live with others in sexual chat rooms or via computer cameras, or directing their own live sex shows on interactive sites--in short, looking for what's new, what's better than last time. The Internet has become the newest, most rapidly growing form of sexual acting out for many sex addicts.Sex addicts on the Internet often experience a rapid progression of their addiction.The new sexual thrills lead to spending huge amounts of time, moving more quickly into more extreme behaviors, taking greater risks, and getting caught more frequently.Most women report a loss of security in their relationship and believe that they have been living a lie.Thus, internet sex has been referred to as the "crack cocaine" of sex addiction.

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He was looking at porno, again,” reports a counseling client. The blue green glow of the computer made him look diseased.

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