Sex dat luxemborg

16-Apr-2015 02:33

Same-sex marriages have been legal since early 2015.Of the 45.2% of people living in the Grand Duchy as part of a couple, nearly 9 in 10 (88.1%) are married (compared with 9.1% living together on an informal basis and 2.7% in a registered civil union ('PACS')), according to the census figures for 2011.I could have had relations with someone of the other sex while having homosexual relations in secret,' he told Belgium's RTBF public television.Indeed Bettel symbolises political as well as social change in Luxembourg, a small very wealthy country nestled between Belgium, Germany and France that was one of the founding members of what became the EU.That is a message sent at a time when homophobia is on the rise in Europe,' said another friend of the couple, journalist Stephane Bern.Luxembourg's parliament approved same-sex marriage in June 2014 and the first weddings took place on January 1, 2015, making it the latest in a growing number of European countries to embrace the trend.'I could have hidden it or repressed it and been unhappy my whole life.Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (right) and his partner Gauthier Destenay, pose for a photograph following their low-key wedding ceremony.Bettel has become the first gay EU leader to enter into a same-sex union Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, who was among the guests at Bettel's wedding, said he had come for a 'mate's wedding', adding that it was a 'big moment' for his counterpart from the neighbouring country.'Luxembourg is giving the image of a country that is advanced on social issues.

He replaced the now-European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker as prime minister in December 2013, ending the veteran leaders 19 years of conservative leadership with a promise to modernise the country.

To be able to marry in the Grand Duchy, the future spouses must both be at least 18 years of age, and one of them must have his/her official place of residence in the Grand Duchy.

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