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Remarrying another widow in 1972, Carignan showed no improvement.

His lascivious attentions to a teenaged step-daughter finally forced the girl to run away from home, and he was faced with yet another failing marriage in the spring of 1973.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Harvey Louis Carignan (born May 18, 1927) is an American serial killer currently serving a life sentence at the Minnesota Correctional Facility Stillwater for the murders of two women. Sentenced in Alaska to be hanged for murdering a woman during 1949, the hulking killer might have been eliminated early on had not the system intervened.

A speeding ticket from Solano County, California, on June 20 placed Carignan in the vicinity where half a dozen women had been murdered in the past two years, but there was nothing solid to connect him with the crimes, and he was on his way cross-country, seeking sanctuary in his old, familiar haunts of Minneapolis.On June 28, Marlys Townsend was assaulted at a bus stop in that city, clubbed unconscious from behind.Carignan's death sentence was reversed in 1951, and after serving nine more years on a conviction for attempted rape, he was paroled in 1960.There would be more arrests, for burglary, assault, and other crimes; in 1965, Carignan was sentenced to a term of fifteen years in Washington, but with time off for good behavior, he would hit the streets again in 1969, consumed with an abiding rage against society in general and women in particular.

That May, young Kathy Miller answered Harvey's advertisement for employees at a service station that he leased.

The girl was missing for a month before two boys discovered her remains while hiking on an Indian reservation north of Everett, Washington.