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14-Aug-2015 02:09

The Conservative Party actually closed and redirected its website which was meant to campaign for ‘small businesses’.

The British press have insulted, ridiculed and lampooned the Labour Party’s new leader whilst simultaneously publishing editorials which have been paid for by the Conservative Party and in one case, a former member of the BULLINGDON CLUB and close friend of David Cameron wrote a front page splurge for the Daily Telegraph newspaper!

JONATHAN FORD [marked as number 7] sits at the feet of the future prime minister David Cameron, and is seated next to the future Mayor of London and member of parliament, Boris Johnson.

A DOCUMENTARY FILM made by Chris Everard for the ENIGMA CHANNEL reveals the true nature of the biggest multi billion dollar fraud to have ever been perpetrated on the American people Hillary’s ‘reconstruction efforts’ in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the two nations with poor sanitation, no refuse collection, a population poisoned by Depleted Uranium – but she did manage to spend tens of thousands of dollars on drinking glasses, buying multiple copies of Barak Obama’s book and a TV broadcast truck which was never ever used – when Mr Trump confronted her on this mismanagement and loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, Hillary lied and said that the claim had been ‘mostly debunked’.“I did not have sex with that woman – Miss Lewinsky” is the bare faced lie at the heart of a Conspiracy which the Clintons have already perpetrated – but not one single mainstream TV channel has re-run these lies.

GRAMMAR SCHOOLS teach the wealthy elite an alternative form of HISTORY which is masked as ‘LATIN LESSONS’ – many Grammar Schools get the children to ‘Pray for the Prime Minister & Queen’ every morning and allow rich kids to openly talk about their disgust of the ‘Wage Slaves’.Here we see ETON – a school which tutored DAVID CAMERON who is actually a cousin to Queen Elizabeth.