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A nunnery was founded by Eanswith, daughter of Æthelberht of Kent in the 7th century, who is still commemorated as part of the town's culture.

During the 13th century it subsequently developed into a seaport and the harbour developed during the early 19th century to provide defence against a French invasion, and expanded further after the arrival of the railway in 1843.

Augustine was granted land in Canterbury where he built his church and outside the walls founded the monastery of St Peter & St Paul - now known as St Augustine's.

It was an important harbour and shipping port for most of the 19th and 20th century.

There has been a settlement in this location since the Mesolithic era and was inhabited during Roman Britain.

A modest Roman style villa was constructed over the Iron Age settlement sometime during the first century AD, followed by a more luxurious one in about 200 AD.

The villa was abandoned sometime during the third or fourth century for unknown reasons.

On the East Cliff, an extensive Iron Age oppidum existed, which produced quern-stones on an almost industrial scale.

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is a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England.

The town lies on the southern edge of the North Downs at a valley between two cliffs.

In 597 AD, monks led by St Augustine arrived at Ebbsfleet on the Isle of Thanet, on a mission from Pope Gregory to re-Christianise Britain.

He was greeted by the Anglo Saxon pagan King of Kent, Ethelbert and his Christian Queen, Bertha.

The harbour's use has diminished since the opening of the nearby Channel Tunnel and stopping of local ferry services, but still remains in active use.

The East Cliff area was excavated in 1924 and most recently from 2010 - 2011, which has produced artifacts from the Mesolithic period through to the Roman Era.

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