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How stress and anxiety affect people Stress and anxiety can affect you physically and mentally – they can make it hard to: Or they can make a person feel restless and jumpy, to have problems sleeping, to feel breathless, to feel fearful, to have headaches or even to feel sick or dizzy.When stress or anxiety builds up to the point that the feelings are really strong, some people can also have what are called “panic attacks”.

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Remember to have enough to eat and drink and to get enough sleep.Female - teenage health issues - Live Well- Health tools - NHS Choices NHS teenage female video wall on health matters for teenage females. From time to time, everyone feels stressed or anxious – these feelings are quite normal reactions to challenging events in our lives...and indeed, they can be useful since they can act as warning signs and tell us that perhaps we need to slow down or to be careful and think about what we are planning to do.

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They can help you to: Ideas for relieving stress and anxiety It can be very helpful to think ahead about the situations that stress you or make you feel anxious and to plan how you might deal with them differently – visualise the situation going really well and how this might feel.Take decisions one at a time and plan in small steps what you can achieve – trying to do everything can often feel overwhelming and can lead to nothing being done...