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This type of anxiety may be learned and therefore can be unlearned.The most common complaints of people suffering from chronic anxiety include: During a panic attack, the sufferer truly feels he/she will lose control, go “insane” or die if they do not get to a “safe” place or person.The “safe” place is usually home or somewhere very familiar and comfortable.The “safe” person is usually a spouse, boy/girlfriend or close friend – someone who can be there if the sufferer needs help. If anxiety is a problem that troubles you, call the University Counseling Center at 279-4347.Professional Counseling Counseling resources and services are available at no cost to the student.A staff of six professional counselors is available to confidentially answer personal questions and provide counseling services as needed.Our goal is to assist students as a part of the University’s mission to promote student success in all areas of life.Help or information regarding any of your concerns is available at [email protected], 501-279-4347, or located in Mc Inteer 313. Call the University Counseling Center at 279-4347.Coalition Against Drub Abuse

Al-Anon and Alateen org MADD-Mothers Against Drunk Driving Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & National Institute on Drug org SADD-Students Against Destructive Decisions Self-Management and Recovery Training Self Help Central Family Groups International Service Office Phone: 718-352-1671; Fax: 718-746-2571; Anonymous Phone: 213-386-8789; Fax: 213-386-0030; Software Porn Addiction Support Online Resources Captives Free Man’s Battle Free Broken Ministries to Heart Counseling Center Anxiety is a painful uneasiness of mind, usually over an anticipated ill.An abnormal apprehension and fear, often accompanied by physiological symptoms such as sweating, increased pulse rate, doubt about the nature and reality of the threat, along with self-doubt are common signs of anxiety.