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Pulisic doesn't turn 18 until September, but the soccer world is watching, not just the 81,359 regularly squeezing into the largest stadium in Germany. 'No, I have to get the record.' He would do right foot only, then left foot only, then right-left, right-left." As for soccer games from the rest of the world, "it was always on," Mark Pulisic said. Sunday football games were always on, playoff baseball games. He loves watching hockey now, he loves watching the new guys coming on in golf, Jordan Spieth." When Christian first started paying attention more than a decade back, Real Madrid had the Galacticos - Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo and Ronaldo and David Beckham.Early on, Pulisic decided he'd play all the others just for fun. Youngest player to score two goals in a Bundesliga season.(Not just the youngest American - no German ever did that so young.) Now, as a midfielder, the youngest player ever to score a goal for the U. national team (which he did Saturday night in a friendly vs.Neighbors in Hershey still remember walking into the Pulisic house and seeing a 5-year-old boy engrossed in a soccer game on television. "You don't see a kid watching a full soccer game," Kelley Pulisic said, remembering how her little guy, not yet on a team himself, would point out an offsides play, as if he'd been studying the game for decades. Even Christian Pulisic's parents knew this was unusual.Bolivia)and on the squad for this summer's Copa America.The coach even said that if there were a World Cup this summer, this would be the squad.Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes will be vital in reaching the crucial number of 270 needed to win the presidency.

It's almost as if Christian Pulisic was living a double life.

Normal kid who had friends and played all the sports - and complete soccer junkie, one sport always on his mind. Maybe he imagined his own future - in the rotation at age 17 on the second-best team in Germany, Borussia Dortmund.

Leslie Brown, 42, a black mother of two said: ‘I voted for Obama last time but I don’t trust Hillary.

PCADV, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates are teaming up to stop gender violence. Phillies Manager Pete Mackanin Says NO MORE to Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault2016 Pirates say "I DO' to Healthy Relationships Pledge to…

And now, even as his campaign is rocked by reports of his adulterous affair with a Playboy model, Donald Trump continues to defy political gravity.His supporters at an impassioned Republican rally in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania simply shrugged off any suggestion of scandal.‘I don’t care about his sex life,’ said one committed Trumpette at an the event in Hershey.