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The Strategic Public Protection Team has strategic responsibility for the management of sex offenders and violent offenders across Cheshire.We are a thriving clinic and want every customer that comes to us to have a memorable, fantastic experience.We will continue to grow from strength to strength but are always open to feedback if you think of any areas we could improve.Established over 4 years, scans are performed by highly experienced and qualified sonographers and ultrasound specialists and are quality controlled regularly and continually individually developed by a highly qualified ultrasonographer from Los Angeles in line with the regulations set by the Care Quality Commission.We guarantee a high level of customer service to every customer and can proudly say that we have 99% positive feedback.They also have specialist officers who have responsibility for the management of registered sex offenders.Additionally these units are supported by a centrally located Strategic Public Protection and Paedophile Cyber Investigation Team.

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Cheshire Police has created three specialist Public Protection Units which cover the whole county.

Each of these specialist units is led by a Detective Inspector who co-chairs regular meetings with the relevant officer from the Probation Service.

We strive to provide complete satisfaction for every customer but understand that sometimes we may not be able to entirely please everybody.

We take any genuine comments /complaints very seriously and ask that should you not be entirely satisfied that you document your feedback in the appropriate way by emailing the below email and they will be looked into and we aim to respond within 7-10 working days.

We try our very best capture this ever lasting memory for you.

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