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24-Oct-2016 13:08

Levy decided he wanted to give guys like Anthony a social and sexual alternative to real girls. And he’s not talking about some blow-up doll that doesn’t talk.

Levy predicts that a lot of us, mostly but not exclusively shy guys like Anthony, will be having sex with robots sometime around the 2040s.

“I’m trying to simulate the kind of conversation that two lovers might have." Levy admits that “this won’t come about instantly.” Eventually he wants his advanced conversation software embedded in a sexbot so that it becomes more than just a sexual plaything -- a companion, perhaps. “I don’t believe that human-robot relationships are going to replace human-human relationships,” he said.

There will be people, however, Levy said, people like Anthony maybe, for whom a sexbot holds a strong appeal.

Back in the 80s there was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who confessed to a professor that he hadn't quite figured out "this sex thing," and preferred to spend time on his computer rather than with girls.

For “Anthony,” computers were safer and made more sense; romantic relationships, he said, usually led to him "getting burned in some way." Years later, Anthony's story made a big impression on David Levy, an expert in artificial intelligence, who was amazed that someone as educated as Anthony was developing an emotional attachment to his computer so long ago.

’ For them the question is, would it be better to have a relationship with a robot or no relationship at all?

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For them the question is not, ‘Why is a relationship with a robot better?

By then, he says, robots will be so hot, human-like and mind-blowing under the sheets that a lot of people will find them sexually enjoyable.

What’s more, Levy believes they will be able to engage and communicate with people in a meaningful, emotional way, so that guys like Anthony won’t need to worry about real girls if they don’t want to.

Neil Mc Arthur, a professor of philosophy and ethics at the University of Manitoba in Canada, imagines that in 10 to 15 years, “we will have something for which there is great consumer demand and that people are willing to say is a very good and enjoyable sexbot.” For now, the closest thing we have to a genuine sexbot is the Real Doll.

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To give a robot the ability to communicate and provide the kind of emotional satisfaction someone would normally get from a human partner, Levy is improving an award-winning chat program called Do-Much-More that he built a few years ago.His aim is for it to become "a girlfriend or boyfriend chatbot that will be able to conduct amorous conversations with a user,” he told The World Post.

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