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Ubiquiti software enables solutions for decision support with data.Without requiring tedious manual effort, we enable rapid search, data analysis, data mining, diagnosis, and early warning alerts – with both structured and unstructured data.All information, structured and unstructured, is combined to help identify the important events, opportunities and trends.Such derived information, together with in-house knowledge, helps our customers make proactive rather than reactive decisions.Similarly, as may be required for each customer, specialized techniques are easily incorporated – including statistical models, forecasting, and machine-learning adaptive technologies.Ubiquiti’s unique technologies identify domain-specific and detailed information from essentially all sources – including unstructured text.

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Ubiquiti solutions are highly regarded: Since our inception, customers have been our strongest references.Ubiquiti creates and integrates customized domain-specific and detailed ontologies within the software.These hierarchical information organization taxonomies allow for analysis at different levels of detail.Typical business intelligence features of sorting, searching, charting, reporting, drill-downs, and other means to slice & dice data, are all provided within intuitive user-friendly interfaces.

Ubiquiti technologies also provide semantics-based text mining and analytics for unstructured plain verbatim text narrative records and documents.

Ubiquiti is confident that our solutions deliver valuable results: We have a proven track record for delivering solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations (and in fact, every customer has requested further business with Ubiquiti).