Sexty chat rooms for teenagers

22-Mar-2016 17:37

I love coming into teen chat, i mostly go into the wrestling room and i have met some awesome amazing people in there. I know most of the people in the chat room so thats also a plus because its a fun and safe way to spend your time!A safe chat room for teenage chatters between the ages of 13 to 17.Teen chat - I have never found a chat site like this one,what surprised me was its such a big site yet still we dont have to sign up or anything i love this site and it will bring alot more things along the years to come Yo teen chat is Awesome!!! I have meet lots of cool people and most of my msn contacts come from teen chat.Just the fact that you find people who are into the same stuff you're into makes it even better. You can just chill out chatting to really cool people and you can have a laugh, have a little flirt or anything you wont to! I have been coming to these chat rooms for ten years off and on. Teen chat is like another way to get around the world and meet those really off the hook peeps.This chat room is moderated and only open when a moderator is able to be in the room.

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Kicking teenage chatters out of the chat rooms is safe for us, but where else would they go to chat?Looking around other chat sites, our team found that most teens would be mixed with adult chatters in un-moderated chat rooms, that is not safe at all!