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In an Instagram post published on the official @Nat Geo Travel account last evening, he told how eagerly he wants to revisit Nepal and espcially after the devastating quakes.

He explained that a tourist visits Nepal to trek the worlds highest mountains but they return because of the amazing people.

The altitude varies from 300m (1000ft) in the narrow lowland region to 7000m (22,000ft) in the Himalayan plateau in the no .Miyamoto report on Annapurna Nepal Now, latest facts Miyamoto report on Annapurna Nepal Now, latest facts Location: Annapurna | Type: Adventure, Nature Lovers | Tags: Nepal NOW, Trek, annapurna, nepal, nepal now The Annapurna region, the most popular tourism destinations of the country, is located in the Himalayas in north-central Nepal.

Following the powerful earthquakes of April and May 2015, the extent and severity of earthquake-related structural damage and geologic hazard were widely believed to be limited, but remained unknown.

Bachi ne apni shalwar utaar kar kaha ke mama kehti hai jis ke paas yeh hoti hai use wo bhut mil jate hain..........

The team was comprised of a structural engineer and an engineering geologist, supported by a professional mountain guide and local conservation officer familiar with the region.

The findings of the structural and geotechnical rapid assessment of the region are summarized in this report.

Ka RNal ne jawabi sms kiya "the segnal is green attack from backside" (8) aak bache ne apni nicker ut aak bache ne apni nicker utaar kar aak bachi se kaha k tumhare paas yeh hai.......With funding from SAMARTH-NMDP and on behalf of the government of Nepal through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, an assessment team was dispatched from June 25 to July 2, 2015 to this region to observe and record seismic damages that occurred along the main trekking routes and select villages as a result of the earthquakes.National Geographic Photographer Accurately Sums Up Why Tourists Revisit Nepal National Geographic Photographer Accurately Sums Up Why Tourists Revisit Nepal Jonathan Irish, a Contributing Photographer of National Geographic, had visited Nepal in 2007.There are some places that stay with you for a really long time.

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He also urged the travellers to keep Nepal on the top of their bucket list.Heres what he originally wrote on the post shared with 4.9 million followers of Nat Geo Travel along with this photograph: cover I miss Nepal.