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16-Feb-2015 07:59

"Stretch marks remind a man of the child they created together and her commitment to him.

It is also an intimate detail of a woman's body that only he is privy to." PHONING HIM WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK 5 AFTER a night out with the girls, a phone call to confess how much you miss him seems like a good idea at the time.

"Wrinkles can spell experience, which can trigger thoughts of them having great sex together - a huge turn-on for him." STRETCH MARKS 4 THOSE silvery lines are the bane of most women's lives but some men actually like them!

Mo explains: "What really does it for a man is a woman who is natural.

But Simon Moore, Academic Leader in Psychology at London Metropolitan University, says: "Letting people know how you feel is both reassuring and attractive.

We all like compliments." DRINKING PINTS 6 GONE are the days when your man orders a pint, with "a half for the lady".

NO MAKE-UP 1 APPARENTLY women spend more than #180,000 in a lifetime on beauty products, but Relate counsellor Mo Kurimbokus says we don't need to.

"When a woman doesn't wear make-up, her natural beauty is on display.

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"Also, some men find it a huge turn-off to kiss a woman and find that they are smeared with lipstick.

Make-up can sometimes act as a barrier rather than a come-on." ROUNDED STOMACHS 2 WE'VE all craved abs like Geri Halliwell's but men actually find a potbelly attractive.

Well, rest assured that in this instance it is more than certain that you’ll fuck tonight.… continue reading »

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Please read this thoroughly, I know there is a lot of info, but the actual installation only takes a few minutes and there are only a few quick steps.… continue reading »

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Finding love in the modern age is a tricky business for us ladies; there’s attractive profiles to create, emoticons to choose and the general deciphering of Tinder captions – ‘I feel how pizza tastes’… Throw in some culture shock, the language barrier and a completely different set of rules and you have something like dating in Japan.… continue reading »

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