06-Dec-2015 21:35

If during our inspection we notice any areas that need gutter hangers installed we will install up to 5 hangers on your home for free (standard 90 degree fascia and aluminum gutters only. During the cleaning if we notice any areas that are in need of caulking we will caulk up to a 12″ bead of caulk free of charge. Here are the directions from your town to our shop.

Other complimentary minor repairs include hammering back nails in older systems, adding a downspout support band, or adding a few screws to a downspout joint, and more.

Many companies that clean gutters only clean the loose debris from your gutters and do not check your downspouts.

We feel a disservice is being done if your downspouts are not checked and cleaned where necessary.

We are located in Putnam County, NY we travel all over Pound Ridge, NY cleaning gutters, doing roof snow removal, and roof raking along the way.

If needed we are able to cart away the gutter debris from your home.

The system flush includes your gutter system to be completely flushed of debris using water or air.

We give a 60-day no clog guarantee for all customers who have the full gutter system flush.