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Say that you would be delighted (e) to continue the contact. A tip: aim your second meeting depending on how the first took place and find something to stand out.If the first meeting was very intense, choose a lighter frame – visiting a museum for example.Today’s every person want someone special in their life to make their life romantic and interesting. If you feel like it, ask yourself how you will go about it to contact the other. This kind of game often ends up misunderstandings that we must clarify – if it’s even possible.All dating boy and girl always focus on how to behave on the first date when they are with their loving one. Hardly have you decided to contact that arises the following problem: what is the right time?“Allow time to act your impressions of the first appointment,” advises a Parship psychologist. And spend the night on it before moving on to the next step. You sit at your desk and are unable to concentrate. In general: do not be too fast but not too slow either.“It may be, if it was particularly well, the euphoria prevents you from taking a realistic look.” And conversely: “If you tend to see things negatively, step back can help you better understand the situation “. “You should, in any case, wait a bit before calling” advice psychologist.And there are of course also some options that would be better avoided: you’d better leave your three children from your first marriage kindergarten for your second date.But no one doesn’t focus on how to behave after the first meeting. It is normal to ask the question, but it is not a necessity. If I show myself too early, it will perhaps think, that one is fast.

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“This can, of course, mean that the other is not interested.” Says psychologist But it can also mean just the opposite: perhaps another simply afraid to be arrived safely.The best way to find out is to confront his fears and to manifest.If you have a lot of fun during the first appointment but have had little opportunity to talk, better to choose a more intimate place.“Being able to have fun together and talk seriously are two important prerequisites for a long-term relationship,” says psychologist Parship.

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“You can send a text message the next day to say that you have an appointment rained. You become nervous because you felt that the first appointment was promising.

And you can wait a few days after that before proposing another appointment.”Imagine you’re a rather reserved person, you prefer to wait until the other occurs. No panic: silence can be interpreted in several ways.