Short men and dating over forty dating group

29-Jun-2016 16:36

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ever superficial trait man than dating an intelligent, compassionate, awesome one.

All else equal, and as a woman who is 6'0, I would rather date a taller man than a shorter one.

And, to me, this is the biggest problem with online dating.

To be fair, I haven't actually tried it before, but my most recent boyfriend (who spent a long time doing the online thing before he met me) once said to me, "You know, Eva, we have more fun together than, like, any couple ever.

But we never would have started dating if we'd met online."And he was totally right.

The problem is, people are impossibly bad at predicting what's important to them in a significant other. And I know it's true from personal experience.Every time I'm single, I think, Okay, my next boyfriend is going to be a 6'8 basketball star, who's really smart and compassionate and good at singing and loves backpacking and scuba diving and one of the best people in the world at what he does and can pick me up and throw me in the air whenever I want.