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13-Oct-2016 02:36

Though there's no fool-proof way to steer clear of misogynists, players, and lowlifes while dating online, there are some giveaways that the guy whose profile you're peeping is a normal person — and maybe even a nice guy.

These giveaways do not include terrible shirtless pics, insane rants about nothing and photos of a dude surrounded by, like, Cristal, scantily-clad ladies and a few Bengal tigers.

I sourced outside help in the quest of tracking down a nice dude online, and I found just the right person for the job: dating, relationship and lifestyle expert Steven Ward.

He and his matchmaker mom created Love Lab, a new app designed to take the misrepresentation out of the online dating equation; he is also CEO of Master Matchmakers, a high-end dating service.

Does he talk more about goals than accomplishments? Literally or physically, this guy is in no way flexing in his photographs. "Nothing screams inadequate penis size or overcompensating than posting pictures with celebrities, luxuries or very attractive people." How true this is.

Though it's nice to link up with someone who has checked off a few boxes on the ol' life to-do list, look for men who talk about what they still hope to accomplish. A quick flip through the latest dating app will immediately confirm that dudes be flexin'.

There's no way of guaranteeing that you'll avoid the worst of what dating apps have to offer, but there are a few things that are the opposite of red flags — green flags?

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When scrolling through a guy's profile, be on the lookout for the ones who talk about their dreams.This is a good one, and one that definitely didn't occur to me when I was dating online."When a man talks about family, friends, civic, social or philanthropic endeavors, he isn’t totally self-centered," says Ward. A man who answers these questions but also takes the time to talk about others is displaying that he doesn't care only about himself.Filter out those types by swiping left on these profiles.

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It's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, if you will, when you're giving online dating a go.

In my experience, finding a good guy on a dating app is hard— a bit of a needle in a haystack situation.

It would appear that in 2016, online dating will continue to grow in popularity just as it has for the last several years and that will mean that even more online dating sites will appear for us to join if we wish to.… continue reading »

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Not that conversation is foremost on her mind: For the film, makeup artists went to work on Bancroft to widen the perceived age-gap between her and Hoffman. The age of thirty-six places a woman firmly in the center of the twenty-seven-to-forty-five range that psychologists are calling the period of "reproduction expediting." From early twenties to late thirties women lose about half their ability to conceive, according to previous studies.… continue reading »

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