Single dating ads

03-Aug-2016 14:47

Take a look around, run your own free personal ad, put together your own web page, develop a network of single friends you email regularly and enjoy single life.

Many singles have decided to develop a wide range of single friends around the country as a support system of singles family.Out of that they develop over time significant opposite sex relationships that are long lasting.that can work great things for you as a single person.This can be your connection to people you would never have a chance to meet by other methods.

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Totally Free 40 word one time ad in both papers and both web sites.

Additional words at 25 cents per word, (one time extra word charge even if ad is run several times) Ad run 2 issues . and 6 Months .50Free Photos with any personal if emailed to us in JPG format. If you are paying for running your ad more then one issue we will scan your photo free.