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All this building, together with the teaming and stage coaches, made the hill very lively. His newspaper lingered for several years, but collapsed in 1837 with many kindred enterprises.

One of Thompson’s chief notabilities in these booming years was ” the Stiles Tavern,” claiming that more stage passengers dined there every day than at any other house in New England.

Building was, however, impeded by the scarcity of building lots, the north part of the hill being included in the Watson estate, which was not thrown into market till after the death of Widow Samuel Watson in 1813. Dow supplied a large constituency with tasteful and fashionable millinery. All these business enterprises found convenient financial accommodation in the Thompson Bank, incorporated in 1833.

The north end of the hill was then purchased by George Larned, Esq., and laid out in building lots, he himself occupying the Watson house (now Judge Rawson’s) as a dwelling house and law office. The year preceding Thompson had the enterprise to purchase a jaunty little fire engine, run by an efficient company.

But when it was found that two lines of turnpike were to intersect upon the hill, new life sprang up.

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On the opposite site a house was speedily built by Hezekiah Olney. Noadiah Comins built the house adjoining southward, and Doctor James Webb a third house (now occupied by Mrs. The site below was soon filled by the old meeting house transformed into a town house, and the nucleus of the present tavern was put up on the corner by Stephen E. Doctor Webb left town before completing his house, and was followed by Doctor Horatio Holbrook, who built on the north side of the street, adjoining Esquire Larned’s. Mills were largely patronized, as nothing in the line of ready-made clothing could then be procured. Among other innovations, the newspaper came to Thompson hill.

A handsome brick house on the corner had been previously built by John Nichols, and a large house with brick ends was built on another corner northward by Noadiah Russel, Esq. Stone, shoes; Nichols and Tefft carried on various stores; Esquire Davis practiced law; Mr. They that tarry long at the wine.” But the fact that the next day the pastor himself took a glass of wine at the house of a parishioner marred the practical effect of . All classes were greatly benefitted by the rise of the temperance reform, banishing liquor from common household use, social entertainments and the better class of stores: The rapid expansion of business and manufactures after the close of the first half century of the republic brought a special boom ” to Thompson hill. Edward Shaw, of Providence, opened a watchmaker’s and jeweler’s store in 1830, a great novelty and attraction, customers coming miles from every direction to have their watches regulated and buy glittering ornaments. Hezekiah Olney, now high sheriff of Windham county, built a brick block between the tavern and town house, and opened a fashionable New York hat and cap store.” Horatio Paine engaged in the manufacture of boots. George Roberts, publisher at a later day of the first cheap daily paper in Boston, and the originator of the famous” Mammoth Newspaper,” entered upon his journalistic career as the editor of a dainty little semiweekly called The Thompson Transcript.