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Trapped in a sexless marriage I made the decision to go surfing for .Gents who want to date older gals and ladies who love younger men: check out this list of dating sites catering specifically to you. But one thing they know: men constantly have sex on their minds. While men must deal with the reality of sex on their minds, girls deal with the pressures of being told they need to keep themselves pure.Often young Christian girls are involved in purity rites and given jewelry in exchange for promises that they will protect their purity and save themselves for marriage.SEE ALSO: 5 Pieces of Dating Advice that are Actually Helpful For many girls, the answer is simply to avoid dating altogether. If you talked to many of these girls, they are in tears about not dating.Says 'cougar' dating site (EDIT: BUT NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM, . Cradle- robber in Cougar Town, Sex and the City's . Chef Mary Berry has been crowned top celebrity cougar, with the Great .

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The message many girls receive is: dating is dangerous, men are dangerous, they will be aggressors, users, and you have to be your own protector.

Should you fail, the consequences will be devastating and life-long.