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During this time, Fahey suggested that Levy - who'd previously tried and failed to get a couple of solo albums released - took on a new professional name in order to give herself a new lease of artistic life.

Levy agreed, and restyled herself Marcella Detroit, a name she'd use throughout her time with Shakespear's Sister and afterwards.

The song displayed the effectiveness of the vocal pairing of Fahey and Detroit, setting the former's sly murmuring contralto against the latter's R&B-influenced soprano and falsetto parts: it also featured a noisy, chiming solo from guitarist Stevie Salas.

Together they released two Top 10 albums and a string of Top 40 hits, including the 1992 hit "Stay" which peaked at No. Shakespears Sister was conceived as a solo project by Siobhan Fahey, a onetime punk turned chart-pop singer who'd left the successful British girl-group Bananarama in 1988 due to disillusionment with the group's musical direction.

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She would later recall "by the time we did the last song on the first album, my role became more integral... It was Siobhan’s band, this was made perfectly clear.But I was cool with that – that’s the way it was." The second Shakespear's Sister single, "You're History", gave the project its breakthrough hit.Seeing potential benefit in turning Shakespear's Sister from a solo project into a full band, he suggested that Fahey and Detroit should unite as a duo: a suggestion which was backed by Feldman, by Fahey's management and by her record company, London Records.Despite initial reluctance from both women (both of whom wished to retain their independence and avoid band commitments), Detroit was invited to become "a 50% member" towards the end of the recording sessions.

Shakespears Sister is a pop-rock project, formed by Irish-born singer–songwriter Siobhan Fahey in 1988, and based in the United Kingdom.

Initially, Shakespears Sister was a solo act, but by 1989, it had become a duo with the addition of the American musician, Marcella Detroit.