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16-Nov-2014 01:48

You can also manipulate various factors to your advantage, such as lighting and (web)camera placement.

The other plus, of course, is that the second you want the date to be over, it can be over. Nothing kills the romance like your screen constantly freezing in really unflattering moments. Especially considering you’re probably using a crappy webcam, which isn’t the most flattering thing in the world. Lighting The perfect lighting for a Skype date is a light behind your monitor and a light on one side.

(Don’t you hate how in Real Life Dating you can be sort of ready to call it a night, but then he orders another drink/you guys get stuck in traffic/the waiter takes forever with the check? Sometimes people Skype in cafes, which is fine…you want everyone in the cafe to join you on your date. One of my friends used to Skype with her boyfriend in a cafe. (Beware of sitting too close to any windows during the daytime, or you’ll be in silhouette.) 6.

The Hairpin published a very funny post on Skype dates today, which got us thinking about how to perfectly execute a romantic experience on Skype. Obviously there are downsides to Skype dating (like, you know, not actually being in the same room as your temporarily 2-D significant other). For one thing, you always know what you look like on a Skype date (vs.

going to the bathroom halfway though and discovering something in your teeth/runny makeup).

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It’s really easy to get screengrabs for Skype, so just be aware. The Movie Skype Date This one can be technologically tricky, but if you can figure out how to watch Netflix or Hulu or a DVD at the same time, it can make for quite a cozy night in.Unless you’re one of those people who HATES talking during movies.

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