Smart dating to men

09-Dec-2015 03:12

For men, apparently, having an intelligent girlfriend is like having a pet wolf — cool in theory, but not something you’d want in real life.

At least that’s the conclusion of a recent study (minus the wolf), which found that while men might say they look for intelligence in potential partners, most of them are actually too intimidated by the idea of being with a woman who is smarter than them to ever ask one out on a date.

Two reasons: A) They’re duplicitous traitors willing to sell out and disparage their entire gender just for the chance to possibly sniff some janky broads panties. Plus early heads up about new tees, new contributors, and our events.

It’s almost as if they’re preemptively p*ssy-whipped themselves. We ALL leave the toilet seat up, we’ll ALL forget at least one of your birthdays, we ALL drink juice straight from the carton, and we’ll ALL attempt to “accidentally” put it in your butt. The Super Low Sex Drive Guy Let’s just say that there are few things on the planet worse than a woman who’s going through withdrawal because her “in-touch-with-his-spiritual-side”-ass boyfriend refuses to break her back. The Old Guy Because, despite their wisdom, calming natures, attractive bank accounts, and unlimited Viagra, old men have worms. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

Last week, published “10 Underrated Men & Why You Should Date Them” — a piece where the homie Paul Carrick Brunson basically explained that single women shouldn’t immediately dismiss their prospective knights just because the shine on his armor might be a little dull.Included among the types of men who shouldn’t be overlooked were “Introverted Guys,” “No Flava Guys,” and, what will forever be a point of contention between (the majority of) men and women, “Under 5’5″ Guys” Height is the number one request I hear from my female clients, with the average request coming in at 6 feet. Height is sought for the feeling of masculinity it embodies.Wet panties with no payoff = angry laundry, and angry laundry keeps chicks from fighting crime. The “Just Got Hot” Guy While you probably don’t have much to worry about if you knew the guy before he won the life lottery, meeting and dating the real life Mike Jones is a no-win proposition…unless, of course, you consider getting “close-bused” until he finds a suitable upgrade to be “winning.” 4. Well, it’s just a bit odd to meet an American man who has completely eschewed probably the most prominent socialization process for any male. “It’s Still Men Over Bitches even though I’m like 37.” (Mr. Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section. The Bisexual I really don’t have a reason for listing him here, but each person who crafts a list about the type of men black women need to avoid dating is contractually obligated to list “The Bisexual Man” at least once, and I thought it was about time to fill my quota. It’s also more than likely that he’s transcendentally weird too, as these are the types of guys who drink ketchup packets and take showers with their socks on. “ISMOBETILTS” for short) While it’s cool and cute for a 25 year old guy to have a go-to crew of co-signers, club-buddies, and college broheims who he consults with before making any major decisions, if you’re dating a guy who’s on the other side of 30 and still knee-deep in bromantic bliss, you and any relationship you try to pursue will be about as meaningless and useless as tits on a bull. The “Still cool with every single one of his exes” Guy Although it’s (somewhat) cool to still be in contact with an ex or two, the guy who’s still chummy with each of his former partners in coitus is probably more concerned with collecting and creating a complementary harem of women he’s f*cked before — even if he has no plans to sleep with them again — than he’ll ever be with actually committing to one. The “I’m really not like the rest of the guys” Guy Why? Weekly updates about all the pop culture, race & politics, Bougie Black People™ shit, and other grand tomfoolery we cover here on VSB.

But, those same clients are surprised to know that only 14 percent of men in the U. However, masculinity is the combination of physical prowess (height is only a portion of this component), courage, and honor – he may be vertically challenged, but if he makes up for it in other areas, this guy is a keeper! Bad example) — the perceived “truth” of this saying comes from the mouths and minds of the hundreds of thousands of decision-making deficient dumb broads who Yes, cheaters can change, but if you caught him mid-stroke while he was banging his favorite barista on your bedroom dresser (While she’s still wearing her Starbucks uniform, no less!Yet, while Paul’s attempt to spread love to men who many women have deemed unlovable is laudable, I think the opposite — listing men who women should avoid dating/speaking to/making eye contact with/riding into submission/fantasizing about/playing the pull-out game with — is even more necessary. The Cheater While the “” cliche is completely false — Why? ), you need to give his ass the opportunity to change with 2.

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