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30-Jul-2016 16:32

In fact, they probably wouldn’t even believe you.” “You forgot about the signed confession” “Ah, but you forget,” she retorted, the smirk returning to her face, “you’ve agreed not to tell them since I signed the confession! But you are correct, your parents probably won’t believe that their precious little girl did anything wrong. Daggers shot from her eyes as she loosened the cincture from around her waist, unsnapped the alb at the shoulder, and let both them drop to the floor. ” she screamed, as she jumped up and danced around. I do have other areas that should not be spared the rod.” “And you forget that as a condition of not telling them, and the police, that you agree to accept the punishment that I deem appropriate.” “But what about Erica? “You punished her the same way that her father would have.” “Ah, yes, but that was because I happened to agree with the punishment. Which is why I am skipping them and calling the police directly. I’m sure she meant it as an act of defiance, but I scarcely noticed as what I now saw before me was Meredith totally naked, but for her shoes; her breasts and trimmed bush in full view. The erection that had faded during our discussion about her punishment began to find new life. She was about 5’4”, and was thin where she needed to be but full in her womanly areas. You know, so that I do not become a spoiled child, and all.” I smiled at my convert, pulled out the Acolyte schedule, and put her down for the last service every Sunday for the rest of the summer.However, I do strive to present events that have had a good reputation and are sponsored by reputable organizations.Please exercise appropriate caution and safety when attending any event.I had just delivered thirty with the belt across 18-year old Erica’s clothed buttocks for stealing wine from the church, and had experienced an erotic reaction the likes of which I had never had before. Now, please remove your alb and assume the position that Erica did.” “No. ” “Yes, sir.” “And how many have you counted out so far? I heard a soft moan, but was unsure if it was because Meredith was enjoying the attention, or just sore. This time I let her take in the sight of my aroused manhood, though still clothed. The tightness was almost virginal, the softness of the heat incredible. As she stretched out the kinks from her confinement, she turned to me and said that she was.Now, I had turned to 19-year old Meredith, the instigator of today’s theft and previous others. I will not remove my alb and you will not hit me fifty times across the ass with that belt.” “You will; and I will; or I call the police. Fifty, but I leave the alb on.” “This is not a negotiation. I lightly ran a finger down the crack of her ass, the tip just brushing her rose-colored sphincter before pulling it out. I took a kneeler cushion off the shelf and placed it before me.

The following are spanking-oriented events based at the designated locations.

I am not personally familiar with each event sponsor or all the organizations.

I was still aroused from the punishment that I had administered to Erica, and Meredith clearly saw the bulging evidence. Erica did not have the protection of the alb, and neither will you. Stand facing the wall while I figure something out.” I looked around the room, hoping for inspiration, stealing glances at Meredith’s buttocks and the two pink I had just raised. “Unless you want the fifty doubled.” She quickly complied. ” Realizing now that she was out of options, she did; hardly resisting as I tied first one ankle, then the other to the outer sides of the desk. It was then that I caught the first whiff of feminine arousal, and my hopes rose. With a look of sudden realization in her eyes, she dropped before me, taking my semi-hard penis into her hand and proceeded to clean off our co-mingled juices with her tongue and mouth; tenderly caressing my sack as she went about her duty.

“Well,” she said, “aren’t you going to ask me what my parents would have done had you ratted me out to them? Plus, I do not want to mark up the backside with my belt. ” she yelled once again, as she reflexively reached back to rub her ass cheeks. Suddenly, my eyes fixed on the perfect solution; a heavy, solid brass prie dieu, or prayer desk. Picking up the cincture that she had dropped to the floor, I said, “I want you to stand in front of the prie dieu, bend over it, and grab the sides near the kneeler.” She just stood there, glaring. Using the cincture she had dropped earlier, I tied her wrists to the sides on the desk. ” she yelled, as she kicked and bucked, nearly getting me in the kneecap. I went back to my position, and again asked, “Ready? We dressed, Meredith having a bit of a time due to the pain still felt from my handiwork as she slipped her tight denim jeans over her red rear, unprotected by any underwear as she had worn a thong to church.

” “I think I have a pretty good idea,” I replied, “but sure, tell me yourself. Now, alb off, in position now, or all bets are off. Which gave me a chance to get a better view of her breasts. It took all my strength to keep from tweaking them. She kept her legs together, still limiting my view of her sex. “You know, sir, I have led an undisciplined life,” she said, as she buttoned her blouse.Maybe I’ll be surprised.” “They sure wouldn’t spank me, that’s for sure. ” “Well, for starters, at the very least I think that you should get what Erica got; thirty across the backside with my belt.” “No way! ” “Very well,” I said, as I picked up the phone, “our deal is off and I shall have to, as you say, ‘rat you out’. Take it or leave it.” I didn’t add that I was hoping that she was also wearing tight pants. But, the height of the desk was such that her rear was now better presented. "I think that as a further part of my penance, I need to come under your guidance more often.

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