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Ken was enough of a risk-taker to invite me to interview even though I didn’t have any public sector experience.But when he explained the process, I wasn’t sure if I had just signed up for a job interview or a TV reality show.Ken Hampian is a retired city manager for the City of San Luis Obispo and can be reached at [email protected] Irons is human resources director for the City of San Luis Obispo and can be reached at [email protected] key first step isn’t only about seeking people who will be compatible with the team, but also about looking for people who will complement the team and make it stronger.Human Resources Director Monica Irons will now share the rest of the story.An Introduction From Ken All of us want to build great department head leadership teams composed of not only talented and skilled people, but talented and skilled people who work really well together.

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I had applied for the position of human resources director with the city after spending my entire career in high-tech companies.

“All of the candidates meet with the assistant city manager and me,” Ken said.

For more than 20 years, the City of San Luis Obispo has selected department heads using a very different process that has stood the test of time.

We don’t just pick for talent, we pick for the team — and so we involve the team (and others) in a unique and very integral way.

In order to “choose for the team,” it’s important to know what the team needs.

Consequently stakeholder involvement starts at the very beginning of the process when we acquire extensive input to identify the attributes of the ideal candidate.