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Starting in Gougane Barra, the River Lee has led me into the lives of residents of the valley exploring their rich heritage.

Then there was a series of articles on Technical Education.

Over the ensuing years, the series has been concerned with the heritage of the River Lee Valley.

These postcards were the preferred souvenirs for connoisseurs of the landscape.They framed a world for people to view, consume, keep a part of, send to other people and mass produce.Many could be printed in large sizes and hung on walls and I have no doubt many have over the decades.They are beautiful images made to entice the viewer to remember, to visit and not forget.

This book follows on from Kieran’s previous work of exploring the nature of postcards in the south west region and how they helped to place-make and construct local, regional and national identity.

The book explores the fascination of landscapes around the Ring of Kerry or the Grand Atlantic Tour as it was known a century ago and comprises what could be genuinely described as stunning images.