Spotting liars in online dating

07-Apr-2015 13:55

Even if they’re not looking for a commitment, they may claim to be in order to attract more attention.

Women tend to lie about their age, weight and body type.

Men mostly lie about income, age, height, marital status and whether they had kids.

Men also tend to lie about the kind of relationship they want.

We fail to mention how the muffler fell off the car we’re trying to sell.

We don’t admit that we find Great Aunt Lucy’s famous mincemeat pie inedible.

But how can you tell truth from spin, and how can you spot the big lies?

Multiple surveys done over the years show that most online daters lie at least a little in their dating profiles.

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And just maybe the weight listed on our driver’s license is a few pounds shy of reality.So when you’re sizing up a potential date from an online dating service, you know there’s going to be some embellishment.