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20-Mar-2016 19:56

Eventually the romance fizzled out, and Leighton moved on to a different love: And although they hooked up once in a totally cringe-worthy plan for revenge, it was clear these two were a long way from a match made in heaven.But it seems in real life, love for these two actors was a totally different story, with Ed and Jessica dating on and off again throughout the entire filming run of the show!Leighton dated Carter’s real life identity, Sebastian Stan, for two years while they worked on the show.Although there didn’t seem to be much keeping these two together on the show, it seems that their love in real life was a different story.The heat between these two just couldn’t be contained, and after months of denying relationship rumours, they finally announced they were a couple and made all our TV dreams come true! Although Blake Lively is now married to Ryan Reynolds and pregnant with his baby, we won’t forget her first true love; the one and only Penn Badgley!

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Known online as ‘Settleford’, these two couldn’t be cuter!For proof, check their Twitter accounts: @matt_settle and @Kelly Rutherford.Who would have guessed that the billionaire bad boy from the Upper East Side, and the bohemian from Brooklyn would ever hit it off in real life?One thing is for sure: they must be great actors, because their hatred for each other on the show sure fooled us!

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The relationship between Chace and Taylor was rumoured to be very brief and mostly kept under the radar, but we always had an inkling that the on screen sparks between these two was grounded in reality.Although Taylor is much younger than Chace, it seems she took some tips from her When recent pics of these two lovebirds emerged, we collectively ‘naawwwed’ at our computer screens.