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When the inevitable plot twist is revealed, the tone of the movie is not that of a righteous battle between two sworn enemies but rather a long conversation as to why they have reached this point. It’s a moment that makes you realize that she’s leaving the violence behind her, and you believe it. In her first appearance Noble stops the Doctor from committing genocide and grounds him back to earth.

For the purposes of this list, one of the main components I’ll be discussing is a characters sense or purpose and motivation, also known as agency.Each character is not listed because they are “badass” though some of theme certainly are but instead are measured by how much they take control of their own actions and are defined by their choices.The story is as they say a ‘roaring rampage of revenge,’ and it’s a lot of fun.That’s not what qualifies The Bride for this list though.

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During the story director Quentin Tarantino peels back the layers, revealing the Bride and how she became the lioness hellbent on getting revenge.

While the action is top notch, it’s the quiet moments that really make you feel for this woman and how she had been brainwashed into becoming an instrument of death. I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who and I have always enjoyed the dynamic of the companion accompanying the titular Doctor across the cosmos on adventures and hijinks. Some of the greatest companions have merely been someone to act as the eyes and ears of the audience To ask the questions we need to understand what the heck is going on…and that’s great. In fact, what made Donna so different from other companions is her ability to challenge the Doctor.