Stories tragic internet dating

23-Nov-2015 09:40

One day, I told my friend "I'm going to marry that boy someday". Again, this was totally out of my character, but something inside me told me to go for it, so I walked over to him and said "Hi. He would talk about breaking up with said girlfriend, and I wasn't too impressed with my guy at the time, but we were saying these things for different reasons, not because we were planning on being together ourselves.A few months passed, we casually talked when we saw each other and such. I was painfully shy back then, but we hung out with the same group of people at lunch.I would sit with my best friend and watch him (not in a stalker sort of way haha), he would go on and on about the most random things and I loved to hear him talk. " and without even thinking, I responded "That's interesting. ", and he smiled and said "I like that, my name is Steve." At the time I was casually dating someone else, as was he.

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He was a senior and I was a sophomore, and he graduated early that first semester, so I didn't see him at all second semester. Then one day, I was talking to a buddy of mine, and mentioned that I was having a party for my 16th birthday, and wished I could invite Steve. He was the one who actually said "I love you" first, and not in the way that most teen guys do just to get some haha, but it was random and heartfelt, and I knew he meant it.

My buddy said "Oh, I know him, let me give you his number." I was thrilled. He came and we hit it off instantly (we were both single at this point, this was months later) and became official the next day. I was so high from my feelings for him, I was a completely different person, but in a good way.

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