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“I am amazed at the generosity of the homeowners who open their houses to the public each year.

They participate in the tour for the very same reason that I am: to give back to the community that they live in.” A living record of the republic’s architecture, the Georgetown neighborhood is a weave of Federal, Classic, Revival, Victorian and Modern styles, reflecting the ever-evolving but reliably voguish tastes of Washington’s most prominent neighborhood.

He is the founder and current chairman of the Bank of Georgetown.

The Winsors have had their historic home on 34th Street described by Washington Life magazine as “one of the oldest and grandest private residences in the capital, and one with a storied past filled with intrigue and culture,” which now reflects the Winsors’ unique style and refined sensibility.

The House Tour, taking place Saturday, April 24, allows attendees to explore the neighborhood inside and out, as private homeowners graciously open their doors for the public.

Enjoy a walk through the historic streets of Georgetown and listen to the stories of the neighborhood’s historic homes.

Around 80 years ago, amid the tumult of the Depression, St.

John’s Episcopal Church started a program to help the homeless and the hungry.

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“There is such a tremendous need right here in our city,” says Martha Vicas, the chairperson for this year’s tour. “I have been so impressed with the enormous difference that community-based organizations can have in the life of an individual or family.” As an interior designer, Vicas hopes that she and her team of volunteers, including her husband Robert, can offer a fresh perspective to the oldest house tour in the nation.John’s and other guests to a landmark Georgetown home for a festive evening in honor of the residents who have opened their homes for the tour.Deborah and Curtin Winsor will host this year’s benefit. Winsor has been an active member of the area’s financial and philanthropic communities for more than 20 years.The Patron’s Party kicks off the tour this year on the evening of Thursday, April 22.

One of the highlights of the social season, the Georgetown House Tour Patron’s Party draws Georgetowners, friends of St.

The history of the Winsor house dates back to 1810, having housed a number of eminent Georgetowners over the past 200 years, including Ambassador David Bruce.