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No-one needs to know about your creeping self-doubt or issues with your mother, at least at this early stage. Stalin did that, and no-one wants to go on a date with Stalin. Writing “ur” instead of “your” or failing to use capital letters and punctuation doesn't make you sound casual or devil-may-care, it makes you sound like some undereducated teenager who can barely drag themselves away from their X-Box long enough to scrawl their half-formed thoughts down. This isn't a warts-and-all confessional autobiography, it's a personal ad. If and when you eventually meet people in person, they mustn't feel you've lied to them through photography.That said: guys, as we said before, don't be creepy. Complimentary in this instance does not mean slavering over their profile picture: statistics show that the use of words like “sexy”, “gorgeous”, and even “pretty” (when used as an adjective, like “you're pretty”, rather than an adverb as in “pretty good”) in responses dramatically lowers the chances you'll get a reply.Similarly, don't rush to get a personal chat going on. Women, if you are overly nudge-nudge wink-wink, you may find you get lots of responses, but they may not be the sort that you want. Statistics show that people are something like twice as likely to respond to your profile if you use a picture.A vampish pout for the camera is not always your friend. Go through them methodically and find the ones you are interested in.

Discuss the stuff they mention in their profiles; if you like their taste in films, say so. If you're dyslexic or a bad speller, write it in a word processor and use the spell-checker. Having said that, make sure it's an honest picture; your university graduation shot will not cut the mustard if it was taken 25 years ago when you could still see your toes. We're human, and we need a visual peg to hang our imaginations on; a photo turns you into a person, rather than a web page. Obviously, use the best picture you can, but it is always better to use one than not.Stand out from the crowd, rather than drowning the reader in cliché. Talk about actual interests: sports, books, art, music, films. Similarly, don't tell us you've got a good sense of humour – generally, people who have to say they do, don't. Keep it light, keep it funny, keep it confident (but not arrogant). On a similar note, make sure it's not a weird photo.

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Of course you're a good friend, of course you like to have fun. Describe your best features (but try not to boast). Obviously this means different things for different things, but a few pointers: if you're a man, flexing your biceps and/or posing topless is not as sexy as you may think it is; if you're a woman, try not to be overly posed.Women especially can find that intimidating, and since there have been a few scare stories about internet dating, people can be wary.

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