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23-May-2015 01:36

The instructors are really helpful, even though their words might be harsh at times and they might look intimidating to me, but they really are passionate and pride themselves in helping some one change what they were before.

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I have participated in a bootcamp twice, once about 5 years ago, one month before I met my girlfriend of 4 years -- a girl I would have considered to be 'out of my league' before doing the bootcamp -- and once just recently.

Being single for about a year now, I thought it was time for a refresher, so I signed up for my 2nd bootcamp. I can already tell the impact is there: From an outer perspective I am meeting women left and right and actually have fun going out -- Yes, before this 2nd bootcamp, going out has been a chore for me more than pleasure, meeting women was the ultimate goal that was hardly ever reached. In fact, I just went out last Saturday and my buddies and I talked to at least 20 women effortlessly, two of which Im going on a 2nd date this week.

From an inner perspective I feel much better and more confident than before the camp and I even sleep better. The fair warning is that you do actually need to work on the material yourself (especially also keep the practice after the bootcamp), you need to overcome the initial holdback to talk to strangers. But once you do that, the advice by Love Systems is truly invaluable.

I purchased the "No Man Left Behind" Superconference plan, but unfortunately due to a wedding that same weekend I was unable to attend...

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I went and I was really amazed by all the instructors that were there.Granted, I wasn't too thrilled to see a lot of new instructors with a few old famous ones since you are use to hearing of the famous old faces that made Love Systems instead of new.

On the contrary, men have been taught and conditioned to hunt for food and protect their family.… continue reading »

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