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It was strongly influenced by the political experience of the Italian Risorgimento, partially incorporated in the Constitution of the State of Piedmont, promulgated on 4 March 1848 by Carlo Alberto of Savoy (the so-called Statuto Albertino), and finally fully expressed in the Republican Constitution in force today.The description above provides a general outline of the system up to the promulgation of the new Italian Constitution in 1947, which imposed a different and updated approach and interpretation of the old rules, influencing in a decisive manner the order of the powers of the individual and of the State and, above all, the relationship between the citizen and the State.The former, concerning Private Law, draws its sources from ancient Roman law (the “ Institutiones ”, “ Digesta ”, “ Codex ” and “ Novellae ”) and substantially still mirrors those ancient principles today, albeit filtered through the experience of the Medieval and Renaissance jurists (the Glossators and Commentators), and later summarized in the French Napoleonic codification of 1805, which in Italy was partially affected by the influx of German Pandectist doctrine.The latter, concerning Public Law, finds its most direct and modern inspiration in the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen” of 1789, following the French Revolution.He published numerous scientific contributions on the application of artificial intelligence to the law (legal reasoning, legal expert systems, decision-support and advisory systems in the Law, advanced tools for online legal information retrieval, etc.), “Computer Law”, and the dissemination of legal information on Internet. , Naples, ESI, 1997, 253 pp.; Fameli et alii, Diritto alla vita e diritto all’ambiente nel lessico costituzionale e nella dottrina giuridica. She is a Senior Researcher at the “Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell’Informazione Giuridica” (ITTIG – “Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques”) of the Italian National Research Council.In his most recent research activity he has paid special attention to the right of the citizen to information on the environment and to the dissemination of legal and legal-environmental information on Internet (see the volumes: E. Cammelli, Diritto all’informazione ambientale e sistemi informativi orientati al cittadino , Padua, CEDAM, 1996, 435 pp.; E. Strumenti e metodi per l’analisi linguistico-concettuale , Florence, S. She carries out her research activities in various sectors, such as the domain of legal ithin the domain of “legal knowledge-based systems” she has taken part in the building of legal expert systems, and she has written numerous publications on legal knowledge representation systems.At this Institute he is currently responsible for the “Information Technology and Law” section; moreover he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute and Co-ordinator of the “Cognitive Models and Knowledge Representation and Management Systems in Law” Project.He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the international journal “ Informatica e diritto ”. has a degree in law from the University of Florence.

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She has collaborated in the designing of a database of references to materials of legal and administrative interest on Internet (database called “ Diritto Italia ” – “Italian Law”) and has participated in the “ Norme in Rete ” (NIR – “Legislation on the Net”) Project, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Justice, for implementing a service of unified, free of charge, access to legal materials coming from public sources on the Web.She teaches courses and seminars on the access to legal information on the Web.

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