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DPS offers variable steering assistance no matter what mode is selected.

The system is designed to offer less assist at high speed and more assist at low speed.

The new Renegade 1000 features an EFI-fed, 976cc V-Twin power plant, and both have the next-generation chassis, improved suspension and enhanced ergonomics.

All combine to make the Can-Am Renegade 1000 and 800R the king of the sport 4×4 category.

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The machine’s unique blend of sport and utility trail manners along with its superb power-to-weight ratio and acceleration makes it the most impressive 4×4 ATV on the planet.

Newly configured for 2012, the Outlander MAX 800R XT-P and the Outlander MAX 650 XT-P are the only sport-oriented two-up ATVs.

The next generation Outlander maintains its unrivalled engine performance with a new 976cc Rotax V-Twin option, industry-leading horsepower and a stellar power-to-weight ratio, all of which are integral attributes for a modern rec-utility ATV.The next-generation Renegade 1000 and 800R line of ATVs continue the path the original Renegade blazed and raise the performance bar even more.New from the ground up, the 2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000, and Outlander 800R feature an innovative ride quality and superlative comfort.BRP engineers took an innovative approach to all aspects of the chassis of these new-generation Outlanders.


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It starts with our signature Outlander MAX XT platform and two-up configuration, and then adds ACS rear suspension, a striking painted Black/Flat Black and Yellow color scheme and much more!The Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering provides three levels of steering assist, plus controls kickback and trail feedback.

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