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The project partner for the Irregular Migration element is the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and interventions under the project are numerous.Home » Under Secretary for Management » Bureau of Human Resources » Family Liaison Office (FLO) » Crisis Management Services » Foreign Born Spouses » Frequently Asked Questions Related to Spouses Who Are Not U. Citizens The Family Liaison Office frequently receives questions from employees and prospective employees who wonder what impact it will have on their assignments overseas if their spouse is not a United States citizen. However, generally, citizenship is not a criterion for eligibility under an agreement.

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The following summary is provided to address some of the more frequently asked questions. citizen spouses eligible for family member preference in hiring for mission positions? Under the Foreign Service Act of 1980 as amended, only U. (There are a few exceptions such as Israel that specify the spouse seeking to work under the agreement must be a citizen of the sending state.) Individuals may consult the Family Liaison Office Employment Program Coordinator, or the Community Liaison Coordinator or HR Officer at post.Please be aware this brief Q and A is not all-inclusive and is meant to provide general guidance, not individual legal advice. citizens holding dual nationality should consult with post HR officers to determine how dual nationality may impact the assignment. Government employment in the mission at their regular post of assignment overseas? citizen spouses with the required job skills may apply for non-sensitive positions. Q: What if the spouse who wishes to work at post or on the local economy is a citizen of the country to which the employee is assigned?A: Once the completed paperwork has been submitted to U. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) through FLO, the process takes on average five months. " The applicant still has to wait on average five months and the procedure is cumbersome. Many foreign-born spouses are newly married, have never lived in the United States and, because of overseas assignment, may have difficulty meeting the continuous three year residency requirement. Only spouses qualify for expeditious naturalization under Section 319(b). A: All foreign safehaven requests must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Under Secretary for Management. Q: What benefits are available for evacuees going to an alternate foreign safehaven? The benefits include cost constructive travel and payment of the Subsistence Expense Allowance (SEA) based on CONUS rate or local per diem which ever is lower. Passports Q: Will the Department of State assist my non-US Citizen spouse in securing the required visa in his/her passport prior to assignment?A: The term "expeditious" refers to the fact that an applicant eligible for naturalization under Section 319(b) is not required to satisfy the normal three-year residency requirement generally applicable to applicants with U. Q: Can my foreign national mother-in-law (or other relative) get assistance to be naturalized through FLO? (In order to naturalize, a relative would generally have to establish residency in the U. for five years after having acquired LPR status, in addition to meeting all other requirements of naturalization.) Q: My wife who qualifies for expeditious naturalization has two children, age 11 and 16. A: Children who have not yet reached their 18th birthday will automatically become U. citizens when their mother naturalizes, if the children are residing in the United States in her legal and physical custody pursuant to a Legal admission for permanent residence. citizen spouses on travel orders factored into the allowance structure paid the employee? A: Benefits are available only if the safehaven request is approved by the Under Secretary for Management, U. No education allowance of any type may be authorized, nor are any diplomatic immunities, privileges, or services (such as use of the commissary or medical unit) extended to the evacuees at the foreign designated safehaven. A: Passport Services, Special Issuance Agency, will gladly assist non-US citizen family members of Foreign Service personnel who are on assignment or preparing for assignment abroad.

If the American citizen father adopts his wife's children, they too would automatically naturalize as U. citizens provided that (a) they had been adopted prior to reaching the age of 16;(b) had been in his legal custody and had resided with him for two years; and(c) were in his legal and physical custody in the United States as Legal permanent resident aliens. If a visa is required for the country of assignment and the spouse applies simultaneously with the employee on official assignment orders, his or her passport will be forwarded to the appropriate embassy/embassies for the required visas, together with that of the employee.

A: Bilateral work agreements and de facto work arrangements are negotiated individually and therefore must be looked at on a country-by-country basis.