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24-Nov-2015 15:38

The couple has been on-again off-again for eight years and faults their busy schedules for their relationship troubles and hopes that Marriage Boot Camp will be able to help them sort through their issues and take the next step in their relationship.

Is Marriage Boot Camp the answer for Tara and Dean or is this party busted?

"I just want you to let me go and live my life right now! "I just want you to leave me alone, and stop f--king picking on me!

I did everything I can do to keep people out of trouble." The camera cut to Toya, one of the other participants, asking Tara's boyfriend Dean May if Tara was OK, and he replied, "She drinks. She's train-wrecking." After that he motioned to Tara to wrap things up, which resulted in yet another fight for the couple, who many believe aren't together IRL.

But, in July 2010 it looked like the two had patched things up when they were spotted partying on vacation together in France.

I don’t give a s*** right now.” This going to be one fiery series…

July 2010 - Present Tara Reid and Michael Axtmann called off their engagement in April 2010, then went their separate ways for a few months.

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Tara will appear on the new series of the show with her entrepreneur boyfriend Dean May – as the other celebrities analyse each other’s relationships in brutal fashion.

In the new trailer the star is accused of being “scatter-brained”, “stubborn” and of “overreacting to the smallest things”, by counsellor Jim Carroll, which she doesn’t take to kindly, shooting several annoyed looks at her cast mates.